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What to Look For in Local Sober Living Homes

Getting treatment for a substance use disorder does not happen overnight. Instead, getting sober requires several different treatments, along with time and effort on the behalf of the individual recovering. One of the potential treatment steps in recovering from drug or alcohol abuse is attending a local sober living home. Local sober living homes are an excellent option for individuals who have completed one or more levels of addiction treatment (i.e. residential treatment, intensive outpatient programming, outpatient treatment, etc) but want to add an additional layer of stability to their recovery prior to returning back to everyday life.

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living is similar to an aftercare program in that it comes in after the main components of treatment have been accomplished. Individuals often attend local sober living homes in an effort to practice the skills they have developed in treatment in a real-world setting. This setting, however, has a “safety net” associated with it, as the sober living home serves as a safe haven for those who are still building out their newly sober lives.

In a local sober living home, residents can expect to follow a set of rules put forth by the treatment providers associated with the home as well as establish a timeline regarding how long they may be staying. During the time they spent there, individuals will be able to continue on with their recovery by attending therapy sessions and group meetings, as well as start building out a schedule for their everyday lives that is conducive to their recovery goals. 

What are the Benefits of Sober Living?

There are several benefits of residing at a local sober living home. Not only will this step help to solidify the recovery you are attempting to build for yourself, but it will also help to slowly transition you back into the real world after having spent time in addiction treatment. Additional benefits of residing in a local sober living home include the following. 

Recovering in a Local Setting

A major benefit to attending a local sober living home is that you are in the community (or near the community) that you will be residing in. This allows you to not only find local community support groups like AA and NA but to start building relationships with others who live nearby. You can grow your support system without fear of having to relocate after your time spent in sober living is over. 

Getting an Additional Recovery Boost

Studies show that individuals who remain in addiction treatment longer are more likely to stay sober. Therefore, residing in a sober living home can be majorly beneficial in maintaining your sobriety. Plus, if you take your time transitioning out of treatment, you are more likely to feel confident and capable in executing the type of skills needed to build the lifestyle you want. 

Test Driving New Skills

There is so much that you learn while getting treated for a substance use disorder. Many of the skills you learn will be new to you and you may not be fully comfortable employing them just yet. In a local sober living home, however, you can utilize these newfound skills in real-time and get comfortable using them. By the time you move back into your own residence, you will have already experienced what it is like to cope with difficult emotions in new ways, as well as learn how to survive without being regularly tempted to use drugs or alcohol again. 

Why Should You Get Into a Local Sober Living Home?

Not everyone requires a sober living home at the tail end of their addiction treatment, however many can benefit from it. Those who have experienced severe substance use disorders, who have made several attempts at getting sober to no avail, and those who are without a place to return home to should seriously consider living in a local sober living home once their main treatment is completed. This is because a local sober living home offers support and structure to all residents, as well as encourages them to be responsible, hold themselves and others accountable, and continue to incorporate their recovery into their everyday lives.

Overall, a local sober living home can help you strengthen yourself in your recovery on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels, allowing for long-term sobriety to become a possibility.  

Sober Living in Knoxville, TN

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