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At Tennessee Valley Recovery, we only partner with reputable sober living facilities and programs that prioritize the overall care and long-term success of our clients. These communities provide access to traditional addiction treatment services such as intensive outpatient support, 12-step meetings, and individual counseling. Additionally, they supply residents with the tools and resources needed to integrate back into their daily lives smoothly. This includes providing support in areas such as job hunting, resume building, school selection and enrollment, and, eventually, finding more permanent housing.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living is when recovering individuals live in an alcohol and drug free environment that encourages self-accountability and peer support. These safe and supportive spaces help clients to embrace their new lifestyle by learning how to successfully navigate sobriety. Since people are the most vulnerable to relapse in the weeks immediately following the completion of their addiction treatment program, this step is essential for many individuals. These homes not only provide a secure and constructive living space for residents, but they emphasize life skills, personal development, and self-care as well as show them the joy of living with a clear mind and healthy body. 

sober living in knoxville tn

Why is Sober Living Important for Addiction Recovery?

After completing an inpatient addiction recovery program, many clients are simply not yet ready to go back to living on their own. Residential treatment is designed to be highly structured so people can focus on recovery. However, this structure creates a sort of bubble for clients; the issues of the outside world seem small and unimportant in comparison to things like detox, therapy sessions, and medication management. 

When clients leave their facility, that bubble pops. For the first time in a month, two months, even three months, they have to worry about the noise of regular life. Adapting to everyday life while newly sober can be nerve-wracking. For many people, this discomfort can lead to temptations to use drugs or alcohol once again.

That is why Tennessee Valley Recovery partners with sober living facilities in Knoxville, TN, for our clients’ recovery treatment plans. It adds an additional level of support to help clients learn how to readapt to normal life, giving them a better chance of staying sober once they are ready to return back home.

What is Sober Living in Knoxville, TN Like?

Knoxville sober living homes pride themselves on their clean facilities and luxurious amenities as well as their prime location. Knoxville is a beautiful city, and sober living communities encourage residents to explore it through group activities and sober outings. This helps them to keep their spirits up while allowing them a glimpse into how fun sobriety can be. 

As is customary, sober living programs give residents a needed sense of accountability. This form of structured support is meant as a tool to help prevent relapse and encourage self-growth. These practices include required drug testing, curfews, and simple household chores.

What are the Goals of Sober Living?

Just as your addiction treatment features structured goals to help you stay on track, sober living programs also help you set and achieve goals. The main focus of sober living is to get you ready to live a successful life on your own, and these goals reflect that.

Sober Living Helps You Stay on Course

The most important part of any sober living program is the support they provide to encourage you to stay drug and alcohol-free. With therapy and counseling options, 12-step meetings, and support from your peers, you can continue to make sober living a habit instead of a chore.

Sober Living Helps You Get and Stay Healthy

There is a lot more to sobriety than simply avoiding drug and alcohol use. Your overall physical wellness becomes an extremely important part of your new life. Having access to wellness programs that foster things like positive eating habits, exercise programs, and regular doctor appointments help to improve your overall health. These programs assist in reinforcing healthy habits because they help you sleep better, look better, and feel better.

Sober Living Gets You Ready for Whatever Comes Next

While some people may be able to transition right from addiction treatment to everyday life, many others find this transition difficult. Most clients need this extra step of sober living in order to find their footing and make sobriety a long-term reality. By supporting you in finding a job or getting back into school, sober living helps set you up for success by ensuring you know exactly what you are going to be doing to better yourself once you leave that step of treatment.

sober living Knoxville,tn

Benefits of Sober Living

While you may be eager to get right back to your old life, the fact is that, for many people, this is a recipe for relapse. You may end up back with your old drug-using crowd, or have to live with a relative who is still using drugs or alcohol. The benefits of sober living far outweigh any downsides you may see because it will only serve to further cement new, sober habits. With our sober living partners in Knoxville, each helps and provides support to your success by giving you:

  • Much-needed structure designed to support your recovery.
  • Emotional support whenever you feel overwhelmed or discouraged.
  • Education on how to be successful outside of recovery.
  • Support in learning how to be responsible for yourself and your actions.
  • Ongoing life skills, such as resume building, cooking, cleaning, and interviewing tips.

How Do I Know I Need Sober Living?

Sober living is best suited for individuals who need extra support following treatment as well as those who do not have a secure home environment to return to. This means that if your roommates or family members continue to use or are not going to give you adequate support, then returning home might pose a risk to your recovery. The safest option is to spend time in a sober living house where you can fully acclimate to your newfound sobriety. 

It is important to note that sober living is not only a viable option for those who have completed treatment but for those in outpatient programming as well. In fact, combining the structure of sober living with outpatient treatment can lead to successful outcomes for many. Additionally, sober living is an especially valid option for those who have completed rehab programs previously and have relapsed soon after. 

Start Sober Living in Knoxville, TN

The time between addiction treatment and returning home can be difficult, leaving you vulnerable to relapse. With sober living in Knoxville, TN, you can learn how to put what you learned in treatment into action – and gain the support that you need if recovery becomes difficult or overwhelming. Sober living programs won’t try to force you to live a certain way; they help you to become the happiest, healthiest, and most successful version of yourself possible. 

You don’t have to keep living in the cycle of addiction. Contact Tennessee Valley Recovery today at (866) 726-2131 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs, as well as how adding a sober living program can set you up for a lifetime of success.

A New Day Begins with Tennessee Valley Recovery

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