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What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

When discussing recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, holistic addiction treatment often comes up. That is because there is a wide variety of treatments available for those looking to put a stop to their active addiction. From medication-assisted treatment and gender-specific treatment to dual diagnosis treatment and wilderness therapy, there are several options that an individual can choose from.

What is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic treatment is a type of therapeutic practice that focuses on treating one’s mind, body, and soul — all at the same time. This comprehensive approach is what makes it stand out from the rest. 

It is no secret that those who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol have gone through many difficult experiences. Not all of those experiences are solely physical, mental, or emotional. Instead, they are a combination of them all. Therefore, in order to treat this disease that affects all parts of a person’s wellbeing, holistic treatment focuses on doing just that.

Rather than utilizing conventional therapies such as individual therapy or medication-assisted treatment, holistic treatment incorporates natural, organic methods of healing into one’s treatment plan. 

For many people, it does wonders for their recovery. However, studies show that is most effective when it is included in a traditional treatment programs. Participating in both is possible and can be very beneficial.

Types of Holistic Addiction Treatment

Learn more about what types of Holistic treatment therapies are used for recovery.


Yoga has long been an activity that many people participate in as a means of centering themselves and regulating their emotions. In holistic addiction treatment, yoga quickly becomes a helpful tool in calming the mind and body and reconnecting with the spirit. Not only is yoga beneficial from a psychological standpoint, but it is also helpful in keeping active. Movement poses and exercises offered through yoga help keep the body healthy, which in turn, keeps the mind and spirit healthy.  

Nutrition Therapy 

So much of one’s everyday functioning is impacted by the food one eats. Nutrition therapy is one of the most popular holistic treatments because it helps individuals understand how food impacts their bodies. Consuming healthy foods regularly can benefit an individual’s mood, sleep cycle, and even productivity. When the wrong foods are regularly eaten, such as foods high in sugar and unhealthy fats, it can affect one’s motivation and mood. So, nutrition therapy focuses on helping individuals develop great relationships with food that keep them from falling back into old patterns of dangerous substance abuse. 


Meditation is the practice of clearing and calming the mind. People can meditate by using mindfulness or focusing on an object. The goal is to train one’s attention on a thought or on simply nothing at all. For centuries, meditation has been used by civilizations all over the world. When it comes to addiction treatment, meditation serves as one of the best methods of treating the mental and emotional impacts of this particular disease.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a holistic addiction treatment that is often incorporated into traditional treatment programs. It involves having individuals participate in art activities such as painting, drawing, modeling clay, etc. Art therapy is said to help individuals express themselves without having to find the appropriate words to do so. This allows therapists to work with them to address the most pressing issues they are facing in recovery. 

Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment 

Those who participate in holistic addiction treatment know that they will be engaging in therapies that are designed to help heal their minds, bodies, and spirits. But they may not be fully aware of the many benefits that come along with this treatment approach.

Holistic addiction treatment is beneficial because it:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Reduces high blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improves upon lifestyle changes
  • Aids in better sleep patterns
  • Helps reduce cravings for continued drug or alcohol use 
  • Strengthens one’s mental state 

If you participate in holistic addiction treatment, know that you will be afforded the opportunity to reap these benefits. The more involved you are with your overall treatment, the more beneficial it can be. This allows for growth physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Holistic Addiction Treatment in Knoxville

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, know that you do not need to go through this difficult time on your own. At Tennessee Valley Recovery, our team works with you directly to uncover the issues that have continued to trigger your substance abuse. We focus on putting in place therapeutic measures designed to help you achieve success.
If you are ready to get on the road to recovery, contact us today.

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