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Drug Rehab in Knoxville, TN

Tennessee Valley Recovery’s mission is to cast a wide net to those seeking long-term recovery from substance abuse and mental health conditions. First, we do this by generating multiple pathways to improve each individual’s quality of life.

Recovery is not “one-size-fits-all”. Therefore, it’s our belief by that providing therapeutic options at our drug and alcohol rehab in Knoxville, TN, our clients will take responsibility for their personalized journey in recovery. Learn more about our Knoxville recovery center today.

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Patient Testimonials

Our addiction treatment center in Knoxville is dedicated to the success of our clients. Additionally, we know finding the right place to begin your recovery journey is something of the utmost importance. We extend our care to those trying to get their loved ones into rehab for their first-time sobriety experience. Here, you will find care, compassion, and respect. Last, but not least, you’ll find humanity at the core of our approach to addiction treatment. Hence, a tailored plan for each individual’s unique story and circumstances. Watch how Tennesse Valley Recovery can help you or your loved one regain control of your life.

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    Drug Rehab Admissions Overview

    We keep our admissions process simple and straightforward, so we can get you the help you need as soon as possible. 

    • Evaluation: First, we will conduct an assessment in which we want to learn all about you and your treatment goals. Moreover, during this time, we also explain our treatment programs and the services we offer. Lastly, at the end of the evaluation, we discuss what course of treatment we believe best fits your needs. 
    • Approval: The results of treatment are life-changing and well worth the investment. We are proudly partnered with many insurance providers and we offer various payment plans to keep our care as accessible as possible.
    • Admission: This is the final step in our admissions process and the first official step in your recovery journey with us. Our team happily guides you through orientation, answering any questions along the way. Contact our Knoxville Recovery Center with any questions you may have regarding our admissions process. 
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    Treatment Programs and Services

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Knoxville, TN

    Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP)

    Research has shown that PHPs are highly effective at helping to treat addiction, while allowing clients more freedom than inpatient programs.

    Learn More

    Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP)

    IOP programs help bridge the gap between Partial Hospitalization Programming and Outpatient programming, giving clients the freedom to use the skills they’ve learned in treatment.

    Learn More

    Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

    MAT is a type of addiction treatment program that combines both medication, counseling, and behavioral therapy to help people find a more complete healing from their addiction.

    Learn More

    Insurances We Accept

    We Accept Most Insurance Plans

    Patient testimonials

    What Our Patients Say

    Grace JohnsonGrace Johnson
    02:53 10 May 22
    I was at Tennessee Valley Recovery for 4 months in 2021. I truly believe it saved my life and my entire future. My entire family is also so grateful for this program. I came into Tennessee Valley extremely angry, extremely defensive, with my walls up with no intentions of bringing them down. I had been at a prior treatment center in Knoxville and switched to Valley – and I am so happy I made the choice of coming there.I have struggled with severe mental health since I was around 12 years old. In and out of mental hospitals until I was 18. Nearly a dozen ambulance trips, ER & ICU stays. My parents have spent their every waking moment trying to help me – with therapy, medication, did anything the doctor told them to do to help me get better. But nothing helped. I only progressively got worse and the self sabotage became more and more deadly. To the point where my life was within an inch of being gone I cannot say how many times. I was digging my own grave and was watching myself do it. So trust me when I say… I needed this help.We owe it to the souls who lost their lives to addiction to turn our lives around for the better – and connect back with our loved ones & connect back to our inner child. With the people who stood by us & saw us destroy ourselves- and loved us through it anyway & did everything they could to save us. But at the end of the day the only person who can save you from the hell your life has become is yourself. But when it comes to addiction – help and healing is near impossible without proper professional treatment.The staff at Tennessee Valley TRULY cares about you. They show up for you every single time, with no judgment. This staff professionally handles every single thing they do. I remember telling myself there was not much hope for my future before I came there – I didn’t see myself changing. I didn’t want to change. But I began to really saw a future for myself the longer I was at Valley. I slowly started to become calm.. to love myself. To see the beauty my life could be if I finally surrendered & worked towards believing in a future that didn’t include substances that would eventually lead me to death.I was shown how to look at my future and take advantage of it – not destroy it. A future where my parents and my 2 beautiful sisters had the real me back. The person I was before the trauma, the drugs, the alcohol, the self sabotage and self destruction. The calm, gentle, person I was. That believed in myself. I learned to love myself through it and accept myself & forgive myself of the past. Not the person setting myself and my life on fire, constantly pushing away the people that love me… treating them horrible when all they wanted to do was help me. I connected with all the people, hobbies and things I love – ALL because of this program.I recommend this program to anybody struggling of addiction & needing guidance, healing, and peace. There is hope and so much love at Tennessee valley. Me and my family will forever be grateful for my time and growth at Valley – and especially for the amazing staff. The staff is absolutely amazing. Bobby and Jessie do everything they can to help you in any ways you need. Definitely people you will remember and cherish in your mind. Your entire life and perspective will change. You will finally begin to see a future free of addiction & BELIEVE in it. And run towards it.
    Lake HoldenLake Holden
    15:13 05 Apr 22
    Tennessee Valley Recovery is truly life changing! I cannot thank the staff enough for their hard work in my recovery. God knows where I would be without them and the rock solid support network I was able to build with my peers and at the meetings we attended multiple times a week. Aside from group and individual therapy, we did equine therapy and eco therapy once a week, yoga several times a week, and we went on a group outing like bowling or out to eat at a restaurant. All in all, I’m extremely grateful for my time spent at Tennessee Valley Recovery. The program is truly life changing, so please don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and make the call. You’ll be so glad you did.
    Adam LawAdam Law
    12:49 04 Apr 22
    I have a truly life changing experience at the facility! They introduced me to a completely different way of life! Their staff here is amazing, completely understanding of each clients differences, and helpful to each clients needs! Very clean living and work spaces. I still drop by just to say hello from time to time.
    Don MyersDon Myers
    13:14 31 Mar 22
    Tennessee Valley recovery is a great place to come for treatment. The knowledge I’ve gained while there is invaluable. Great staff and owners. Highly recommend TVR
    Zion WhiteZion White
    22:27 16 Mar 22
    10/10 treatment and therapy. Very helpful and caring for your mental health and addiction. Was blessed to be able to come here and meet the crew

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