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Those seeking recovery from addiction find there are many treatment options available. Our PHP treatment center offers a comprehensive array of services to ensure each client’s individual needs are met. Because of this, we help those struggling with substance use disorders decide if our addiction partial hospitalization program in Knoxville is the right choice for them. 

We understand how difficult it can be to make decisions when life seems out of control. PHP may be an appropriate part of the journey to a healthier and happier life. Our team of professionals may recommend PHP addiction treatment services as part of a personalized treatment plan after a careful evaluation.

What is an Addiction Partial Hospitalization Program?

An individual treatment approach is crucial for managing the far-reaching symptoms caused by addiction. PHP for addiction offers a balanced treatment modality. PHP alcohol rehab and drug rehab allow individuals to stay at their homes while benefiting from a range of effective treatment services. Often referred to as day programs, addiction PHP allows clients to engage in treatment activities at the PHP facility for approximately five to six hours daily, usually for a minimum of five days a week.

Their intensity surpasses that of standard outpatient or intensive outpatient programs, making them an ideal option for individuals grappling with severe addiction issues or those with co-occurring mental health concerns. For those living near Knoxville, PHPs serve as a versatile treatment option. They can act as a transitional phase post-inpatient rehab, as an escalated level of care when other outpatient options fall short, or as the initial choice for beginning the journey towards overcoming addiction.

Studies underline the effectiveness of PHPs in addressing addiction, offering a blend of structured treatment and greater personal freedom compared to full-time inpatient programs.

Group therapy during PHP for addiction.

Therapies at Our Partial Hospitalization Program in Knoxville, TN

PHP drug rehab programs are run by medical staff who have specialized training in addiction treatment. This training allows them to offer a variety of services. Those services include medical appointments to address physical aspects of addiction and therapies that treat the underlying causes of addiction.

Addiction is a complicated disease. This means that it often has a range of effects on a person’s life and well-being. Having access to multiple options for care increases the likelihood of achieving and maintaining sobriety.

Some of the treatment options commonly offered during PHP addiction treatment include:

Behavioral Therapy

This is a crucial part of any client’s recovery journey. Therapy is what addresses the underlying causes of addiction. It also arms someone with tools to avoid drug use triggers. In addition, it allows them to set goals, and talk about their progress or struggles with a professional who understands their concerns. Common therapies used during PHP for addiction include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and contingency management.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a great asset for those in recovery during partial hospitalization drug rehab and after. It gives the individual an opportunity to talk openly about their addiction with people who can relate to what they are going through. These sessions will be run by a counselor or therapist with training in addiction treatment. They help all members develop and nurture positive relationships with each other.

Support Groups

While support groups are most often thought of as an aftercare program, we also offer them during our partial hospitalization program in Knoxville, Tennessee. These are less formal than group therapy. They provide clients with a safe place to discuss the issues they are dealing with as a result of their addiction. Getting comfortable with support groups during a php in Knoxville makes the transition to an aftercare option easier for many clients.

Art Therapy

For people who have a hard time talking about their emotions, art therapy is a great option. It helps them relax and think more deeply about how they are feeling. It has been shown to have positive therapeutic effects even for those who have never participated in making art before.

Fitness and Nutrition

An important and more relaxed form of addiction treatment, both fitness and nutrition help support recovery by nourishing the body and helping to release natural mood-boosting hormones. It also helps to increase a person’s feelings of self-worth and energy levels. And, helps someone get more interested in living a healthy, well-balanced life.

Partial Hospitalization Programs for Mental Health

Our partial hospitalization program in Knoxville offers a variety of structured, intensive outpatient mental health services for those suffering from mental health disorders. Our Knoxville PHP rehab delivers a higher level of treatment than weekly outpatient therapy sessions provide.

This type of day program allows clients to maintain a balance of home life while focusing on their mental health. Inpatient programs can be restrictive and costly. PHP for mental health gives people another treatment option. At our PHP treatment center, our team of licensed professionals completes a thorough assessment of each client.

We can then determine which treatment approach will be most effective. A PHP in Knoxville may be part of a personalized treatment plan following or as an alternative to mental health inpatient care. 

Individual therapy session as part of partial hospitalization program in Knoxville.

Do I Need a PHP?

The extra freedom that partial hospitalization programs offer makes them appealing to many people seeking addiction recovery services. Particularly, for people with children who need care or who may not be able to take a leave of absence from work, a PHP offers flexibility to get the treatment they need without disrupting their day-to-day lives. These programs offer a hybrid treatment regimen that allows patients to maintain their everyday commitments while still receiving high-quality addiction care.

In general, PHPs are most appropriate for clients who:

  • Require a higher level of care than other outpatient programs, but can still maintain their sobriety when not at the PHP facility.
  • Have previously completed an addiction treatment program, but are at serious risk of relapsing.
  • Find it difficult to motivate themselves to continue treatment in a less restrictive program.
  • Are suffering from a dual diagnosis disorder that is currently well-managed, such as depression or anxiety.
  • Are not making enough progress in another type of outpatient program.
  • Those who are worried about the cost of an inpatient program.

As with all types of addiction treatment, PHP programs are not well-suited to every client. For people who do not have a strong support network, or still live with others who abuse drugs or alcohol, a PHP is unlikely to be a good option for treatment. Other situations where a partial hospitalization rehab may not be the most appropriate choice include:

  • People who have experienced serious emotional or physical trauma
  • Those who have unmanaged or serious co-occurring disorders, such as schizophrenia, PTSD, or OCD
  • People who have previously completed treatment and have since relapsed

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Benefits of Our PHP Drug Rehab in Knoxville, TN

For many clients, this type of programming is essential to a successful recovery. Our partial hospitalization program in Knoxville offers benefits true of all outpatient programs, as well as benefits specific to the program type in particular. Benefits associated with outpatient programming in general include: 

  • Flexibility and freedom in schedule 
  • Structured and supportive environment
  • Regularly scheduled meetings
  • Therapy in multiple settings 
  • Ability to return home or to a sober living facility after treatment

Additional benefits of our PHP specifically include the following:

  • Extensive access to medical and mental health care. Since PHPs take place in a medical setting, clients are monitored closely and, if necessary, can be stabilized quickly.
  • Increased chances of long-term sobriety. Those who transition to a PHP following residential or inpatient rehab have a better chance of maintaining their recovery than those who participate in only one treatment program.  
  • Program hours that promote work sobriety. Our PHP often requires hours similar to those a person would typically work, making it easier for them to transition back to work following the program. 
  • Secure environment and a consistent schedule. Those leaving inpatient recovery still need a high level of structure in their schedules. Recovery is all about successful treatment transitions. Newly sober individuals are vulnerable and often need to gradually lessen the intensity of their care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is an intensive, structured form of addiction treatment that provides comprehensive care while allowing individuals to live at home. It involves a full schedule of therapeutic activities during the day, including individual counseling, group therapy, and educational sessions.

Who is PHP at Tennessee Valley Recovery designed for?

PHP at Tennessee Valley Recovery is designed for individuals who need a high level of support and structure but do not require 24/7 supervision. It is ideal for those transitioning from inpatient care or those who need more intensive treatment than outpatient services can offer.

What types of therapies are included in the PHP?

Our PHP includes a variety of evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), individual and group counseling, family therapy, and holistic approaches like mindfulness and recreational therapy.

How long does the PHP last?

The duration of our PHP varies based on individual needs. Typically, programs last from a few weeks to several months. Our treatment team works closely with each client to determine the appropriate length of stay based on their progress and recovery goals.

What is the daily schedule like in the PHP?

The daily schedule in our PHP is structured and comprehensive, including multiple therapy sessions, educational workshops, skill-building activities, and recreational time. Clients typically attend the program five days a week for several hours each day.

Is medication management available in the PHP?

Yes, medication management is an integral part of our PHP. Our medical team provides ongoing assessment and management of medications to support recovery and address any co-occurring mental health conditions.

Will I have access to medical care during the PHP?

Absolutely. Clients in our PHP have regular access to our medical staff, who provide necessary medical care, monitor health conditions, and manage medications as needed.

Can I work or attend school while in the PHP?

Yes, the structure of our PHP allows for flexibility so that clients can continue to work or attend school. Our treatment team will help coordinate schedules to ensure that you receive the necessary support while maintaining your daily responsibilities.

What happens after I complete the PHP?

Upon completing the PHP, clients transition to less intensive levels of care, such as our intensive outpatient program (IOP) or outpatient services. We also provide comprehensive aftercare planning to ensure continued support and relapse prevention strategies.

How do I get started with the PHP at Tennessee Valley Recovery?

Getting started with our PHP is simple. Contact our admissions team to schedule an assessment. We will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific needs and goals.

For more information or to schedule an assessment, please contact Tennessee Valley Recovery today.

Woman having a breakthrough during partial hospitalization program in Knoxville.

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When looking for a PHP program to help you overcome your addiction, you should pay attention to both the qualifications of the facilities and their location. You may be less likely to be successful in a PHP if you have to travel a significant distance to receive treatment. The facility you choose should also offer a range of treatment options. This will give you the freedom to design a program that is going to be the most effective for your needs.

If you are looking for a Knoxville PHP rehab, Tennessee Valley Recovery is here to help. With our highly customizable treatment options, we are confident that we can help you overcome your addiction to cocaine, heroin, or prescription pills in a lasting and meaningful way. There has never been a better time to learn more about our PHP alcohol rehab and drug rehab.

Contact us today to learn more about our Partial Hospitalization Program In Knoxville. Let’s get to work building a positive and fulfilling life.

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