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Tennessee is the home of picturesque scenes of nature from the Great Smoky Mountains in the east to the banks of the Mississippi River in the west. In addition, Tennessee boasts a lively music scene, tourism, and family entertainment. However, Tennessee is also vulnerable to the current substance abuse issues occurring in the US. Tennesee rehab centers are here to help residents for this reason.

Tennessee Valley Recovery provides substance abuse treatment close to Pigeon Forge, Knoxville, Maryville, Sevierville, and the surrounding areas. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, reach out to our team for support and guidance.

Programs Offered at Our Tennessee Rehab Center 

Tennessee Valley Recovery offers several programs at our Tennesse rehab center. During your time in treatment, you can step down to lower levels of care. In addition, you can benefit from using multiple types of treatment at a time.

The programs at our Tennessee rehab center include:

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) take place for several hours per day, usually 4 to 5 days per week. During a PHP, you get a high level of support without needing to reside in an inpatient facility. 

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are similar to PHP. However, during IOP, you will have a flexible schedule to continue work or school obligations. Our IOP gives you 9 to 20 hours of programming per week.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) uses medications along with behavioral therapy. These medications are FDA-approved for treating alcohol and opioid use disorders. While MAT might begin during detox, you can continue MAT throughout outpatient rehab.

Family Counseling

Family counseling heals the entire family in recovery. Addiction affects your loved ones, especially family members within your home. Therefore, family counseling is vital to success in recovery. As a result of family counseling, you and your family learn to support one another throughout treatment.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy treats the whole person in recovery because addiction affects many parts of your life. As a result, you get several outlets to maintain your recovery.

Common holistic approaches in rehab include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Biofeedback
  • Meditation

Overall, holistic therapy gives you additional tools for success in long-term recovery. 

Sober Living

Tennessee Valley Recovery partners with sober living programs throughout Tennessee. We can connect you to a program where you can live with like-minded peers in recovery. While residing in a sober living program, you can continue to attend our outpatient rehab center.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is an evidence-based practice for trauma-related disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). EMDR helps you heal from trauma by relaxing your central nervous system as you process your trauma with a therapist.

Tennessee Addiction Statistics

Addiction statistics in Tennessee show the toll of substance abuse on the state. Indeed, many parts of the country including Tennessee continue to struggle with the opioid epidemic. In addition, stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic also impacted residents.

The Tennessee Department of Health shares the following statistics on overdoses in the state:

  • 16,670 non-fatal overdoses occurred in 2019
  • 7,240 non-fatal overdoses required inpatient care in 2019
  • 3,032 overdoses resulted in death in 2020

Fentanyl is a primary cause of death during overdoses in the US. Combining drugs like benzodiazepines and opioids also contributes to deadly overdose statistics. Moreover, nearly every type of substance abuse appears to have increased in the wake of the pandemic. Therefore, Tennessee rehab centers continue to offer several options to support those struggling with addiction.

Tennessee Rehab Center

What to Look for Finding a Tennessee Rehab Center

When looking for a Tennessee rehab center, you want to find a program to suit your needs. Therefore, it is important to know where you are in your recovery. For example, if you are new to recovery, you might need a detox facility to stabilize before rehab.

Overall, you want to find a rehab center with evidence-based treatments, multiple levels of care, qualified staff, and options for your recovery. Some of these options include amenities and additional services that could help you in your recovery. For instance, these options might be things like equine-assisted therapy, exercise programs, or nutritional guidance.

Lastly, you need to consider the location of the rehab center. Some people find that treatment is best when they are away from home. As a result, they can focus on recovery without distraction. On the other hand, you might want to be closer to family and loved ones to involve them in the process. Nonetheless, the staff at Tennessee Valley Recovery will work with you to achieve your goals for the best outcomes in recovery.

Benefits of Attending a Tennessee Rehab Center

Tennessee rehab centers offer several benefits. At Tennessee Valley, we offer outpatient services to help you continue your treatment after detox and inpatient rehab. In addition, we partner with sober living programs for those needing a secure place to stay during treatment.

The benefits of our Tennessee rehab center include:

  • Support from like-minded peers in treatment
  • Individualized plans to meet your needs
  • Treating underlying mental health issues that co-occur with addiction
  • Holistic therapy helps you find healthy coping outlets
  • Learn relapse prevention strategies
  • Step down to lower levels of care
  • Transition to everyday life during treatment

Above all, our programs will help you learn the skills needed to sustain sobriety and engage in lifelong recovery.

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Tennessee Valley Recovery is here to help those struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. We offer several options for treatment to help you or your loved one. Visit our admissions page today to learn more.

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