Xanax Addiction Treatment in TN

Xanax dependency has become increasingly common and remains 1 of the most widely misused benzodiazepines. Sadly, this dependency leads to addiction all too quickly. To add, for those struggling with Xanax addiction, treatment can seem daunting.

However, with the right help, a full recovery is well within reach. Tennessee Valley is proud to offer Xanax addiction treatment in Knoxville, Tennessee that helps individuals effectively overcome their dependency. This, in turn, allows them to live a long and rewarding life of sobriety.

What is Xanax?

Xanax, generically known as alprazolam, is a commonly prescribed type of benzodiazepine. Specifically, doctors prescribe this medication to those struggling with anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Though this fast-acting drug is not a cure for these conditions, it can reduce the severity of symptoms when safely taken under clinical guidelines.

Xanax is a medication prescribed to millions every year and is controlled according to the IV schedule. As a result of its potency and ready availability, Xanax has a high potential for misuse. Unfortunately, this leads to dependency and addiction in many cases.

Xanax is especially dangerous when mixed with other CNS depressants. For example, mixing Xanax with alcohol can cause respiratory distress such as slowed breathing. Tragically, this can result in coma or even death.

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Signs That You Need Xanax Addiction Treatment in TN

The most effective way for a person to recognize addiction and get treatment in themselves or in a loved one is to educate themselves on the signs and symptoms of Xanax dependency.

As a result, a person can seek Xanax addiction treatment in Tennessee as quickly as possible. In doing this they, therefore, set themselves up for the best chances of a successful recovery.

Common indicators of Xanax addiction include: 

  • Spending the majority of the time taking Xanax, finding Xanax, or recovering from Xanax
  • Dependency (needing more and more Xanax to achieve the same high)
  • Taking another person’s prescription or asking to borrow others’ prescriptions
  • Increased feelings of anxiety when not under the influence of Xanax 
  • Switching doctors or pharmacies in order to get more Xanax
  • Uncharacteristic or extreme drowsiness
  • Slurred speech
  • Risky behavior (i.e. driving under the influence of Xanax)
  • Withdrawal symptoms that develop in the absence of the drug

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Xanax Detox in Knoxville, TN

Detox, or detoxification, allows an individual to rid their bodies of all toxic chemicals prior to entering addiction treatment. Unfortunately, those undergoing detox typically encounter uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Common side effects of Xanax withdrawal include: 

  • Upset stomach (nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting) 
  • Fever and chills
  • Panic attacks
  • Hallucinations and paranoia
  • Tremors and muscle spasms
  • Extreme perspiration
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Depression and anxiety

Given the unpleasant and potentially dangerous nature of withdrawal, it is essential individuals only detox at a qualified facility. There, clients receive 24/7 structure and support. This ensures they remain as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Furthermore, clients are administered certain medications in order to control cravings, ease withdrawal symptoms, and prevent relapse. Though detox is necessary, it is only the first step in addiction treatment. For the best recovery outcomes, further care is required.

How Xanax Addiction is Treated at Tennessee Valley Recovery

Tennessee Valley Recovery is dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive Xanax addiction treatment in Knoxville, Tennessee. As such, we offer a combination of evidence-based therapies as well as holistic treatment options.

In particular, our services include the following: 

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

When participating in an IOP, clients can continue personal and professional responsibilities. Typically, these individuals can expect to spend around 9 to 20 hours a week attending IOP sessions. 

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

In most cases, PHP sessions are held five times a week and last for the majority of the day. These are conducted in a clinical setting. While in a PHP, clients live at home or in a form of sober housing.

Family Counseling

We know addiction can damage family dynamics. For this reason, we offer family counseling. During these sessions, we encourage our clients to mend relationships with those closest to them through open communication and constructive dialogue.

Sober Living 

Not every client’s living conditions are ideal for recovery. Furthermore, many clients require additional support during or following treatment. For these reasons, sober living facilities can help an individual achieve long-term sobriety. While in these homes, residents live in a temptation-free environment surrounded by peers and supportive staff members. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

An effective trauma treatment, EMDR  therapy helps clients to ease the negative feelings associated with past events. While in this type of therapy, professionals help clients to reprocess traumatic memories through a series of guided eye movements.  

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Helpful in teaching valuable skills such as responsibility and self-care, equine-assisted therapy is growing in popularity. This type of therapeutic intervention incorporates horses and is a fun and unique addition to an individual’s Xanax addiction treatment in Tennessee. 

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapies are designed to treat a person’s mind, body, and soul. In addition, holistic therapies are an important component of Tennessee Valley’s personalized treatment plans. We offer holistic treatment options at our facility.

These include: 

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Acupuncture 
  • Massage therapy
  • Reiki
  • Nutritional therapy

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Tennessee Valley uses medication-assisted treatment in order to prevent relapse, therefore, increasing the chances of a successful recovery. It is important to mention that these medications are highly-regulated and only administered when appropriate.

Benefits of Xanax Addiction Treatment in TN

There are many benefits of attending effective Xanax addiction treatment. The most prominent of which is finding sobriety in a safe and healthy way. Additional benefits of receiving addiction treatment at Tennessee Valley Recovery include:

  • Compassionate and Knowledgeable Team. Our staff wants to help in any way they can. For this reason, our addiction specialists dedicate themselves to providing consistent support and exceptional care. 
  • Flexibility. We offer different levels of care such as an IOP and a PHP. As such, our clients are able to attend the program that works best for their personal needs and circumstances.
  • Peer Support. Given that peer support is essential in reducing stigma and feelings of isolation, we encourage our clients to bond with one another—thus creating long-lasting support networks.

Comfortable Recovery Environment. Our facilities are clean, cozy, and house high-end amenities. This way, our clients feel at ease during their treatment sessions.

Xanax Addiction Treatment in Knoxville, TN

At Tennessee Valley, we pride ourselves on providing clients with effective care in a safe and nurturing environment. We want our clients to find long-term sobriety and are ready to help in any way that we can. For this reason, the Xanax addiction treatment program we offer in Tennessee incorporates several recovery modalities. As well, they include individualized treatment plans.

Stop waiting to get the help you deserve. Give Tennessee Valley a call or reach out through our contact form to start healing from addiction today.

A New Day Begins with Tennessee Valley Recovery

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