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What is the Difference Between an IOP and PHP?

It can be difficult finding a treatment center that allows you to continue working, is covered by your insurance provider, and offers the programs you or your loved one needs. If you are leaning towards outpatient care, understanding all available options is vital in making decisions. Determining between IOP and PHP the option that will meet your needs is key to the success of your recovery. While many factors contribute to the treatment decision, either of these options can prove successful if the placement is correct for the patient. Still, professionals need to have substantial input in making the final decisions.   

What is Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Treatment?

The intensive outpatient program, or IOP, is flexible and allows you to stay home while receiving the invaluable professional services you need for treatment. The difference between IOP and PHP is that you can continue going to work, maintaining life, and living at home during your treatment. Treatment sessions include counseling, therapy, relapse prevention skills, and any other additional services that may benefit recovery. 

IOP treatment is most successful for those who have completed detox with satisfactory results. In addition, those experiencing mild addiction are most likely to be able to consider IOP treatment. While IOP and PHP are both successful forms of treatment, those with more confidence and a realistic outlook on their addiction are prone to do well with IOP.  Lifestyle factors need to be secondary, and the needs of the treatment program are of the highest priority. 

Another difference between IOP and PHP treatment options is that IOP offers additional methodologies for a successful full recovery. For example, peer support, preventing feelings of loneliness and isolation, can add insight towards an understanding of self. In addition, developing this kind of support can be beneficial in building healthy relationships in the future. Both programs are successful; choosing the best suited for your needs is based on your lifestyle. 

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

The partial hospitalization program, or PHP, is more intensive than IOP, the intensive outpatient program, but less than inpatient or residential treatment programs. Other differences between IOP and PHP are that PHP requires more visits or sessions of treatment per week. This program offers a choice of the desired housing accommodations. With slightly less flexibility than the IOP, PHP is complete in a shorter time frame. 

PHP is the better choice for those who have completed residential treatment but still pose a high risk of relapse. This is because PHP offers more contact with medical and therapeutic staff than IOP. Those still experiencing cravings may require PHP.  In deciding between the two, there must be consideration for those who are still unstable and may require additional detox. 

Things to Consider When Deciding Between IOP and PHP

Addiction treatment offers many options, but the four main programs for recovery are inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient program, and partial hospitalization. In deciding what program to choose, the individual must evaluate the situation. For example, those considering different treatment options must consider the following:

  • The time commitment. Centers offering short-term treatment require as little as nine hours a week for a 30-day program. Long-term prospects can last from 90 to 200 days. The choice of a treatment plan is diagnosis based. These options do not include any detox time. IOP and PHP offer the most flexibility. 
  • Affordability. Financial condition is a huge consideration when deciding what treatment program to choose. Treatment centers understand that cost is an enormous factor in selecting programs. Insurance will cover mental and behavioral health services because they are essential health benefits. An intake person can determine if Medicare or Medicaid are options for IOP and PHP. Grants, loans, credit cards, and crowdfunding are options for treatment payment.
  • Lifestyle. Lifestyle limitations such as family, children, work, school, and financial resources are determining factors in choosing between IOP and PHP. Outpatient programs are not for everyone. Those with severe addiction may have to work in an outpatient program after inpatient rehab. The determination as to what will be the most effective and successful program for the diagnosis is the primary goal. 

What is the Difference Between an IOP and PHP in Tennessee?

When IOP or PHP are considerations for treatment in Tennessee, contact us to discuss the difference between the two. Tennessee Valley Recovery can explain what the difference is between IOP and PHP. Finding the most convenient and affordable treatment option is what we do. Meeting your needs is our primary goal. Contact us for treatment options in Tennessee.