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Does Alcohol Rehab Work?

One in eight Americans is an alcoholic. This means that roughly 13% of the American public is experiencing alcohol use disorder. Someone who has alcohol use disorder is unable to stop drinking regardless of what negative consequences their drinking may cause. They, unfortunately, continue to drink, as addiction is a disease of the brain that causes this chronic, repeated behavior. 

Most alcoholics do not want to be alcoholics. No one ever sets out to become someone with alcohol use disorder, nor does anyone become an alcoholic and want to continue to live the life of one. That is because alcohol use disorder is an extremely distressing and painful disease that can be fatal if the appropriate treatment is not obtained. Thankfully, there are a number of different treatment options available for those who are addicted to alcohol and who want to stop. They may wonder, “does alcohol rehab work?”, especially if they have not been to rehab before. Alcohol rehab does work for those who are struggling with alcohol use disorder and who are ready to make positive changes in their lives.

Who Can Benefit from Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab works best for people who can benefit from it. This means that those who seek alcohol rehab should be experiencing a problem significant enough to garner such profound attention. Alcohol rehab works best for those individuals who are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Drinking in larger amounts than intended to
  • Being unable to stop drinking once starting
  • Experiencing excessive cravings to drink
  • Continually abusing alcohol despite the effects it causes
  • Neglecting responsibilities at work, home, or school due to drinking alcohol
  • Spending a great deal of time acquiring, consuming, and recovering from alcohol 
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and loved ones as well as withdrawing from previously enjoyed activities or hobbies

Someone with alcohol use disorder is not in control of themselves or their surroundings. Therefore, in addition to these criteria, it is important for those also experiencing the following to seek alcohol rehab:

  • Those who have made attempts to get sober before but have been unsuccessful
  • Those with mental health conditions that complicate their alcohol use disorder
  • Those who are physically dependent on alcohol and require detox services

Anytime anyone is not in control of their alcohol consumption, seeking professional care is ideal. That is because all levels of alcohol rehab offer services that can help individuals identify and address the core issues pertaining to their substance abuse, allowing for true healing.

Types of Alcohol Rehab

So, does alcohol rehab work? Alcohol rehab has proven to be highly effective for individuals who meet the criteria of care that can be provided. Since there are many people who have alcohol use disorder and who are in need of treatment, there are varying levels of programming available to ensure that everyone’s care is effective. 

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is the highest level of addiction treatment a person can obtain. It is usually reserved for those who have severe substance use disorders and require 24/7 supervision while they recover. Clients live at the facility when in an inpatient program.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program, or a PHP, is a step-down from inpatient treatment and allows clients to live at home or in a sober house rather than at the facility. Instead, clients go to the facility several times per week for therapy sessions.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Similar to a PHP, intensive outpatient programs allow clients to live at home while still receiving a significant amount of treatment intervention. Clients will go to the facility for therapy and other services throughout the week, but not in the same frequency as those in a PHP.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is most recommended for those with a mild alcohol use disorder or who have already participated in a higher level of addiction treatment. At least once per week, clients will go to the facility and engage in therapy to work on their alcohol use disorder. This program often lasts anywhere from 6-12 weeks. 

Depending on an individual’s unique relationship with alcohol, one of these treatment programs may be a better fit than the other. Finding the appropriate match for treatment is absolutely vital in ensuring that alcohol rehab works.

Does Alcohol Rehab Work?

As with most anything, alcohol rehab works when clients put in the effort into making it work. Some of the key features that help answer the question “does alcohol rehab work?”, include the following:

  • Evidence-based therapy – Therapies such as individual therapy, group counseling, behavioral therapies, and family therapy have proven to be beneficial in helping clients understand their alcohol use disorder better, allowing for a more thorough recovery.
  • Professional detox services – One of the hardest parts of getting sober is going through withdrawal. Many people find themselves drinking again just to ease the intensity of the symptoms. Alcohol rehab offers detox services that allow for the use of FDA-approved medications that can help minimize the discomfort during this time, allowing for further therapy to be acquired.
  • Aftercare support – Treatment typically does not stop when the program finishes, as most alcohol rehabs have aftercare programs. These programs continue to keep alumni connected and teach them more about the disease of addiction and how to stay sober.

When clients put forth the effort to engage in these and other steps in alcohol rehab, they can experience significant benefits, including being able to obtain sobriety and maintain it for a lifetime.

Alcohol Rehab in Knoxville

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