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The Benefits of Holistic Therapy in Addiction Recovery

Individual and group therapy are considered essential basics in a solid treatment plan. However, addiction recovery holistic therapy speaks to the mind-body connection to lower relapse rates. Because of the proven success of this type of therapy, The National Institute of Health, the U.S. Armed Forces, and many large organizations incorporate holistic practices in their employee healthcare programs. Choosing a treatment program to include holistic therapies is an additional preventative measure to a positive and healthy sober lifestyle. Finding a treatment center that supports holistic therapies is essential. 

What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy incorporates the mind-body connection for complete healing and successful sobriety. With medication usage reduced, holistic therapies incorporate yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and nutrition study to concentrate on positive lifestyle practices and regain control and responsibility of the mind and body.

With a self-care-based theory, holistic therapies teach control and positive, healthy coping mechanisms. In addition, holistic treatment focuses on self-esteem, a stronger sense of self, and self-confidence. This kind of therapy has been known to improve:

  • Strength, balance, and flexibility
  • Back and arthritic pain
  • Sleep habits
  • Increased mental and physical energy
  • Alertness and enthusiasm
  • Weight control
  • Stress management
  • Support systems

Taking responsibility for learning how to heal your body and mind is the basis of holistic therapy. Understanding lifestyle changes to strengthen the body and mind through self-care improves overall health. Combining traditional medicine and positive lifestyle change reinforces sobriety. Responsibility and control of the mind and body will empower the soul. 

Addiction recovery holistic therapists work with individuals to help them accept themselves in the present moment. They learn techniques to understand themselves on a much deeper level. Once self-acceptance is reached, the self is more open to releasing the negative issues that were the root of the original pain. Achieving this accomplishment is of great value and will provide the foundation for future personal growth.

Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Addiction recovery holistic therapy teaches an individual how to gain self-awareness and the importance of connecting the mind, body, and soul. The holistic treatment combines the physical body, cognitive abilities, feelings and emotions, and the human spirit. The goal is to give new meaning and understanding of the self while improving self-esteem and self-awareness. In addition to traditional cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapy, holistic treatment supports all pathways in recovery.  

In addition, the benefits include self-acceptance, living in the moment, and the release of painful issues which have been stumbling blocks in their lifetime.  Mindfulness, relaxation, breathing techniques, visual imagery, and other bodywork are incorporated into the sober lifestyle to prevent relapse and strengthen the recovery journey. Addiction recovery holistic therapy attempts to reduce the use of medications when possible to develop techniques that will alleviate pain, incorporate relaxation and stress and increase physical and mental strengths. 

Individualized Treatment

Addiction recovery holistic therapy incorporates an individualized plan using acupuncture, yoga, meditation, mindfulness work, and nutrition studies. Holistic therapies align with the patient’s interests without forcing the patient to be in a treatment that does not suit their interests or needs. Empowering an individual to make healthy choices for their own benefit is critical. 

Peer support

Long-term sobriety is the main goal for those in addiction recovery holistic therapy. The holistic treatment team works together and is committed to this goal. Other participants work together and support each other. Education for all concerned parties ensures a greater understanding of the goals. Surrounding the self with like-minded individuals making the same changes in their lives provides a supportive environment. 

Relapse Prevention

Striving to steer clear of any medications that may not be necessary, addiction recovery holistic therapy adds relapse prevention to support long-term sobriety. Holistic therapies utilize talk, art, and other creative therapies to provide a comfortable environment to motivate positive change. Also, they are learning how the addiction developed can deter another habit from forming.

Improved Health (Mental & Physical)

Addiction recovery holistic therapy utilizes bodywork as a vital gateway to improved physical and mental health. Personal developmental techniques build physical and mental strength, agility, and balance. These techniques can include:

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Massage
  • Reiki 

Addresses Underlying Mental Health Issues

Addiction recovery holistic therapy has been found effective in treating anxiety disorders, major depressive disorders, stress-related issues, and trauma-related disorders like PTSD. In other words, holistic therapies bridge the gap in self-care when combined with traditional treatments based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Holistic Therapy Is Not For Everyone

Addiction recovery holistic therapy is not for everyone. Unfortunately, the lack of evidence is the missing link for many people involved in addiction treatment. Meanwhile, professionals believe that acupuncture, massage, and other holistic therapy techniques are fantastic additional therapies, the proof of traditional medicine remains the mainstay. Fortunately, the initiation of exercise programs, meditation, yoga, and meditation hold value. They are adequate measures and round out the treatment of mental illness and addiction. 

Addiction Recovery in Tennessee

September is National Recovery Month. Addiction recovery holistic therapy is a strong and significant treatment program with Tennessee Valley Recovery. We have proven that holistic therapies are valuable in any addiction treatment program. Our experienced professionals are adept at working with those interested in the mind-body connection. We would be honored to address your interest, concerns, and questions and lead you on the pathway to a holistic recovery program! Contact us today.