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What Is Flakka and What Are the Side Effects of This Drug?

Flakka is the street term for Alpha-Pyrrolidinohexanophenone (Alpha-PVP / α-PVP). This is a synthetic stimulant that was first synthesized in the 1960s. It acts as a partial agonist at dopamine receptors and has similar pharmacological properties to amphetamine.

Flakka is often sold as “bath salts” or “gravel” because of its resemblance to bath salts and fish aquarium gravel. It is not approved for medical use in any country; however, it is still illicitly used as a recreational drug. Read our What is Flakka and What are the Side Effects of this Drug? guide to learn more about this drug and its side effects.

What Exactly is Flakka?

Flakka is a psychoactive drug that became popular among partygoers in Europe during the 1990s. In recent years, its popularity has spread throughout the United States. The chemical structure of flakka is very similar to that of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), which is a common recreational drug that produces feelings of euphoria and abnormally high energy levels. However, unlike MDMA, flakka causes users to experience extreme aggression, paranoia, hallucinations, and psychosis.

Side Effects of Flakka

The side effects of the highly addictive drug flakka are very dangerous and potentially life-threatening. There are two main reasons why this is true. First, the drug itself is extremely powerful and can cause permanent damage. Second, the combination of flakka with alcohol or other depressants can lead to fatal overdoses.

Some of the most serious side effects of this drug include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Mania
  • Psychosis
  • Aggression
  • Violent behavior
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Hyperactivity
  • Paranoia
  • Seizures
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Death

What Leads to People Getting High on Flakka?

Flakka is often sold in pill form, but it can also be smoked, snorted, injected, or mixed into drinks. Ingestion of the drug usually leads to a rapid onset of symptoms, including hallucinations, paranoia, and aggressive behavior.

Some people believe that flakka is safer than other drugs because it is legal in China and relatively easy to obtain. However, the fact remains that flakka is just another example of how the underground market continues to grow. As long as there are buyers, sellers will continue to sell the drug.

Because flakka is so new, little research has been done on its toxicity and potential health risks. Thus, the exact dosage at which flakka becomes toxic is still unknown. The attraction of flakka lies in its ability to provide an almost instantaneous high. It is believed that many users begin abusing flakka simply because they enjoy the way it makes them feel.

What Does Flakka Do to Your Brain?

How does Flakka affect your brain? Flakka causes changes in the way the brain processes information by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. This effect is similar to the one caused by cocaine, but it lasts longer than cocaine’s effects. It’s not clear what long-term consequences this could have on the user’s mental health. We do know there are some short-term and long-term effects of flakka.

Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Flakka

Short-term effects of Flakka are hallucinations, delusions, and psychosis. These effects usually begin immediately after ingestion but can persist for several hours. In some cases, users experience extreme agitation, aggression, and violence.

Long-term effects of flakka include depression, anxiety, insomnia, memory loss, and cognitive impairment. Because flakka is such a potent stimulant, it is recommended that those who use it do not drive or operate heavy machinery until their condition has stabilized.

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How Long Does Flakka Last in Your System?

Ingestion of flakka lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, depending on the amount taken and the individual’s tolerance level. This means that if someone ingests a large dose of flakka, they could experience some pretty serious side effects for a lengthy period after the initial ingestion.

Getting Help for Flakka Addiction

Flakka addiction treatment centers provide intensive care for those suffering from withdrawal symptoms, including detoxification and medical monitoring. Following detox, patients will receive counseling and therapy to help them identify the underlying causes of their condition and establish healthy coping mechanisms. Tennesee Valley Recovery offers extensive outpatient programming to help those in need of drug addiction rehab

Flakka Treatment Near Knoxville, TN

Flakka is a highly dangerous drug that can lead to detrimental consequences. It is vital that you stop using and seek treatment right away. Tennessee Valley’s compassionate staff can help you get your life back on the right track. We offer a variety of treatment services and customize all of our treatment plans to fit your unique needs. Get addiction help today by giving Tennesee Valley Recovery a call or using our contact form